The official Whitepaper for FDM.land - 2.05.2023 - v

Correction, Cocopaper. Welcome Aboard 🚀 & LFG

So, curiosity got the best of you….congratulations on wanting to learn something new!
When the world is a dumpster fire that keeps being doused with gasoline, why not sit back, disassociate, and build a society where you DO have direct influence. Also, coconuts are funny as hell…..and absolutely ridiculous. We find ourselves chuckling over this project on a daily basis (and hope you will too).
Throughout this Cocopaper, our goal is to explain what FDM is, demystify the big words and acronyms (so you can drop this knowledge on the daily), and get you absolutely PUMPED for this adventure.
If you’re already a crypto native, read the Cocopaper and hop into one of our community channels, ask questions, and provide feedback.
If you’re new to crypto, we totes get that this whole world can definitely be intimidating, but one of the goals of No FUD Games and Fundamentals Don’t Matter (FDM) is to break down entry barriers and share the knowledge that seems to be gatekept. UNTIL NOW! Welcome to Fundamentals Don’t Matter (FDM), a blockchain based MMO (let’s call it a Metaverse for marketing reasons) where you’ll work with others (or alone) to amass wealth, power, prestige, and PARTY 🎉 as you rebuild the world from a single island called The Moac.
Let’s break this down:
  • Blockchain - a system of tracking information across a network of computers but it’s secure and very hard to cheat because it keeps ALLLLLLL the receipts from every transaction, it’s public (meaning anyone can look at it). It’s like a huge global database that’s open to everyone.
  • MMO - Massively Multiplayer Online [game], can be in your browser, or can be downloaded to your computer. We’re going to be browser based for now.
  • Metaverse - It’s like a cross between the Internet and Second Life. The Internet isn’t “technically” owned by anybody, has an unlimited number of users, and data is continuous across a bunch of different places and websites. Second Life was a virtual experience but was contained within itself - not as all-encompassing in your life as, let's say, the Internet. Smash those two together, and you have the Metaverse!
  • The Moac - The Mother of All Coconuts (We made this up.)
Driven by its citizens, players vote on the direction the game takes by participating in its DAO (called the Coconut Conclave). Simply put, as a player you’ll get to vote on the game’s story and development.
  • DAO - officially means “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” - or as the New York Times noted - it’s like a crypto co-op or “group chat with a bank account”.
Stop FOMO in its tracks by joining our community.

Why make a game about coconuts?

This is a hard one, but here goes anyway. We’re passionate about Decentralized Finance (DeFi), we’re passionate about crypto, we think coconuts are funny and satire is funny as well. So one day we just said fuck it, let’s try and shill coconuts for a living so here we are.
Our team is comprised of individuals with a variety of passions such as: - DeFi - if crypto is the “money” (get that 🍞), then DeFi is the “bank” that runs on the blockchain…..keeping those receipts (kinda). - Coconuts 🥥 - GameFi (Game Finance) and play to earn (P2E) 💰 incentives - Video games, like Animal Crossing - hoarding clothes for cute outfits and doing photoshoots with friends, Rim World and Stardew Valley - Simulation experiences, and old school JRPGs. - Cats in caves and parallel universes.
We know we’re not the first GameFi game, but maybe we’re the first one you’re interested in checking out. Our goal is to create something pretty unique (not in a ‘pick me’ way…ugh). When you have teammates who know a lot about gaming and crypto mixed with teammates who are climbing the steep learning curve - you get outcomes that nobody expected but everyone needed.
We also want to give a big shoutout to those games that came before us. Some of the mechanisms they’ve created are a huge inspiration for this project, and we’re thankful for the growing community. Respect ✊.

Who is making the game?

NoFUD Games, Inc. is developing the game. We've veterans of building consumer based applications for some of the biggest media and entertainment brands on the planet.
This is our first (collective) venture into DeFi Game Development, so we didn’t leave a path of destruction and deception in our wake. The way we're approaching this project is much like any startup: build quick, release, get feedback, iterate, and repeat.
Unlike all the other startups (and government institutions), the community has a real voice to drive the direction of the game / product. Remember the DAO - it’s the group chat with a bank account.

Will the content in this Cocopaper change.

Yes, this is v.1 and the goal is post-apocalyptic evolution. We already have ideas that go beyond what's been laid out here, but and once the DAO starts to vote, who knows what will happen then! Either way, we're focused on the goals we set out with for FDM: Making it fun, funny, and worthwhile 💰 to play.
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