All Web3 investing and crypto transactions come with a risk. It's important to do your own research (DYOR)
DYOR (Do Your Own Research) is a common thing to hear when discussing blockchain project and tokens. Managing your risk is an important key when investing into any crypto project, $FDM included.
While we want you to have fun in FDM and make a few bucks with the DeFi/GameFi mechanics, we can not and will not speculate or predict the price of $FDM or any of the resource tokens, NFTs and other own-able items in game.
We are working with the intention of making this project long lasting, and aim to create the first DAO driven gaming experience, and hope that the novelty of what we are working towards will translate to a player base.
Never invest more than you can lose - you alone are responsible for your investment. NoFUD Games, Inc. is NOT responsible for any losses or changes in token price, and NOT responsible for any lost funds due to smart contract error, exploits, or bugs.