What is Fundamentals Do(n't) Matter

A satirical take on culture, crypto and otherwise with a few good jokes mixed into a game that uses the mechanics of a decentralized exchange (DEX), liquidity pools (LPs), and utility based NFTs and presents them as a sandbox that blends early MMO and web based strategy game nostalgia with a player driven decisioning model which drives the games narrative and development.
Or you know, a sandbox MMO with a fully player driven economy, where players actually decide the game’s direction alongside devs, all wrapped up in a surreal narrative involving 🥥.
Also, fundaments do matter when you're in a down market, fundamental's dont matter, when the market is peaking.

What blockchain will FDM use.

We're likely going to launch on an Ethereum L2, with all signals pointing to Polygon. Polygon's ecosystem of dapps means that FDM has access to widely used favorites like Uniswap and Opensea, while keeping transaction costs to a minimum using Polygon's native MATIC token.

Can I license the coconuts for use on other chains or other projects?

Yes, please get in touch with us to discuss.

How much does FDM cost?

The game is free99, BUT and there's always a BUT, you'll need to get a few $FDM to do anything in the game like harvest resources, deposit $FDM in the bank and participate in the many activities the game has to offer. You'll also need some MATIC for transaction fees.
Once the game is ready for launch, we will provide 5,000,000 $FDM on Uniswap V3.

Will there be a pre-sale?

No. We are not selling any $FDM. The only way to get $FDM is to earn them in game or swap them on Uniswap V3 on Polygon.
The $FDM token is not yet available, once it is available, we will post the contract address here and across our communications channels.

Where can I buy FDM NFTs

We will have our own NFT marketplace in game. However Season 0 Coconuts and a limited number of Season 0 Keys will be available for purchase on Opensea via auction. Future NFTs will be mintable only through the game. A secondary market for them may exist on Opensea or other marketplaces.

What is the purpose of the $FDM token?

It's the game's currency. In other games it's gold, or credits, or gil, here it's $FDM.

My question isn't answered, where can I ask it?

​Discord is probably best, or any of our other channels in the community section of this doc.