2. The Moac 🌴

The Moac (The Mother of All Coconuts) is the home island and where the game starts. The main city (name to be voted on when we reach 5000 holders) has a bank, a market, and a tiki bar. The island has mountains for mining, a forest outpost for harvesting lumber, and an oasis where coir is harvested. A part of the island is locked, construction of a mountain pass been put on hold.

Areas - City

First Ferrous Bank of Cocos- The bank is where you can deposit your $FDM in CD (Certificate of Disappointments) for up to 4 years. These CD's pay interest in $FDMs that is liquid. The bank is thinking of employing a lending program, but management is debating its merits.
When you deposit your $FDM you get xFDM, that lets you vote in the Conclave. It's a rigged system, but what's a coconut to do. Roll off a cliff.
Central Market - The heart of the Moac's economy. This is where coconuts trade all manner of good. In the year 2525, we just have a commodities exchange, raw goods for raw goods, raw goods for $FDM, and some weird tokens like $USDC and this $MATIC thing, no idea what that is. There'a an items marketplace in the works, but it needs approval from the Conclave.
Terra's Tiki - The only damn bar on the island, closed for renovations, but it'll be opening up soon. Terra the owner has been working to make sure the sounds is just right, and that it doesn't feel like a free for all.

Areas - Island

Mountains of Multitude - The Moac's first and only mine, so far. Here you can deploy $FDMs to produce the resource STONE, but I hear that with tools and skilled labor there may be more to this mountain than meets the eye.
Forest of Guycomb Homer Sleepwood - Same situation as the mountains, but here you get WOOD.
Cabanya's Coir Oasis - Cabanya is a crazy 'ol hoot, he and his other half the Voodoo Lady have conjured up some crazy magic. You give them $FDM and they make COIR appear. Completely bananas. Or should I say, it's nuts.