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3. APC NFT 🗝️

NFTs play a major role in the game. Coconut NFTs are the players playing characters, thralls, henchmen. They do your bidding, you can send them to oversee your mining or lumbering observations, help in researching recipes or crafting, eventually, you'll use the Coconut NFTs in PvP and PvE environments.
We are making all out NFT CC0, and looking into means of making them interoperable with other projects.

The APC Coconut NFTs

Aggressively Power Chill Coconut NFTs drop, and will continue to drop in seasons.
Season0 NFTs - aka, The Ancients - are a collection of hand crafted pixelated coconuts. These are NOT programmatically generated, but are designed to be unique and bespoke.
Season0 Coconut NFTs have a Name, a Description, a Personality Trait, an Instinct, a Knack, a preferred environment, along with a preferred environment (Island, Sun, Sand, Concrete, Forest, Mountain), and core stats: STR (Strength) INT (Intelligence) SA (Sex Appeal) POL (Political prowess) COOL (Total Coolness).
Here is an example of what a Coconut NFT would look like
Name: Capn' Coconut Description: Makes up new words when can't remember a word. Personality: Indolent Instinct: To Fly Knack: Poor attention to detail Environment: Island STR: 7 INT: 6 SA: 2 POL:1 COOL: 10 Season0 NFTs are also the only ones that will have stat attributes that go up to 10, with each subsequent season stats will max out at 9,8,7,6, until we reach a maximum threshold of 5. All in all, there will be more than 51 Season0 NFTs, but less than 101.
Season 1 and subsequent NFTs will be procedurally generated. Total NFT mind distributions are estimated as follows:
Season 1 - 1,000 Season 2 - 2,000 Season 3 - 5,000 Season 4 - 10,000 Season 5 - 10,000
All NFTs starting at Season 1 will be mint-able in game with $FDM.

Item NFTs

Item NFTs confer various properties to the player.
Pickaxes help mine STONE, axes help cut WOOD, etc... but beyond tools, researched recipes are also NFTs, any player that holds the recipe to pickaxes can craft pickaxes (NFTs) and sell them in the Moac.
Some types of Utility NFTs we will be bringing to the game are
Recipes Items (keys, axes, knives) Equipment (helmets, swords, laser guns) Land & Buildings (land plots, land improvements i.e. huts, fortresses, farms) Vehicles (Whales and Ships) Think of Item NFTs in FDM as the unique utility items that exist in the world to make it a more immersive place and a better playing experience.