4. Ooh. Research & Crafting 🦜
To craft in FDM you need
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Players harvest resources by deploying $FDM. Players will be able to harvest these resources by putting their $FDM to work (staking it).
Alternatively players can buy these resources on the Marketplace.


To discover recipes players have to engage a researchers at Cocos Nucifera University, players should talk to a beautiful coconut woman named Sina who apparently has a thing for eels, to start the research process. You will need to research components (i.e. twine, which is processed COIR), and the item (pickaxe). Of course, everything can be sold. Research follows trees, i.e.
Pickaxe Crafting Flow
So yes, we start with pickaxes, knives, axes, and other super rudimentary materials, but as the game progresses expect pulse lasers, magic, and all sorts of other super mega iNFT recipes to surface.


Once a player has a recipe they can take it to the workshop, they chose their recipe, deposit the resources needed, deposit the $FDM needed to pay the workers, and the workshop gets to producing your iNFT items for you.
Once an item is ready, the player can claim it.
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