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On the Origin of Coconuts

In the year 2525, man is oh so definitely not alive. In fact, human civilization has been dead for over 3 centuries. In spectacular simian fashion, they blew themselves up using a mix of mutagenic, chemical, and nuclear warheads in 2207. Good riddance, nothing but a bunch of glorified monkeys anyway.
Monkeys, however, are not dead; we hang with them, quite advanced and open to other cultures; go figure. Anyways, about 2345 is where weโ€™ve been able to trace the rebecoming to. Itโ€™s the first year that Coconuts knew that we became sentient. To be completely honest, we donโ€™t know that the year is 2525 today, but itโ€™s as good an educated guess as any, so letโ€™s just roll with it. (badum-pun).
So, where are we now? Reforging the world, thatโ€™s where. We live on a single island named The Moac; it stands for The Mother of All Coconuts. Itโ€™s a decently sized place, good for us now, itโ€™s got some farms, a bank, a market, a lumber mill is being built, there are mountains, forests, itโ€™s, all in all, a pretty great place to live. Oh, and no hurricanes. Humans totally wrecked the climate; you donโ€™t want to go close to the equator; too damn hot there. There was a guy Bob, boy was he a nut; he had tons of bad ideas. He went to the equator riding on the back of a Whale, came back scorched, talking all manner of nonsense about there being dragons there. He also tried to build a boat out of coir โ€” yeahโ€ฆ that sank. Ah, good โ€˜ol Bad Idea Bob, bless his heart.
The Moac
Where was I? Oh yes, The Moac. Itโ€™s a great place, itโ€™s got what we need for now, but there are rumblings of other islands not too far off; Bob told us he saw one on his trip to the equator. I hear groups talking about wanting to build a real boat and explore. Weโ€™ll if that happens. For now, itโ€™s just the Moac and us.
What else can I tell you? Right our currency. Itโ€™s called the $FDM, its buys stuff, like soil, water, wood, resin, coir, etcโ€ฆ it stands for Fundamentals Donโ€™t Matter. Apparently, it got named as a satirical homage to those who came before us. Personally, I voted for Cocobux.
Oh, and we all vote on everything, like EVERYTHING! Itโ€™s got its positives and negatives, but youโ€™ll see. So anywhoooo, welcome young Coconut, weโ€™ll be letting people in shortly, just need to do a bit of building, tiding and what not.
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