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On the Origin of Coconuts

In the year 2525, man is oh so definitely not alive. In fact, human civilization has been dead for over 3 centuries. In spectacular simian fashion, they blew themselves up using a mix of mutagenic, chemical, and nuclear warheads in 2207. Good riddance, nothing but a bunch of glorified monkeys anyway.
Monkeys, however, are not dead; we hang with them, quite advanced and open to other cultures; go figure. Anyways, about 2345 is where we’ve been able to trace the rebecoming to. It’s the first year that Coconuts (aka, Cokonauts, aka Cryptonuts) knew that we became sentient. To be completely honest, we don’t know that the year is 2525 today, but it’s as good an educated guess as any, so let’s just roll with it. (badum-pun).
So, where are we now? Reforging the world, that’s where. We live on a single island named The Moac; it stands for The Mother of All Cokonauts. It’s a decently sized place, good for us now, it’s got some farms, a bank, a market, a lumber mill is being built, there are mountains, forests, it’s, all in all, a pretty great place to live. Oh, and no hurricanes. Humans totally wrecked the climate; you don’t want to go close to the equator; too damn hot there. There was a guy Bob, boy was he a nut; he had tons of bad ideas. He went to the equator riding on the back of a Whale, came back scorched, talking all manner of nonsense about there being dragons there. He also tried to build a boat out of coir — yeah… that sank. Ah, good ‘ol Bad Idea Bob, bless his heart.
The Moac
Where was I? Oh yes, The Moac. It’s a great place, it’s got what we need for now, but there are rumblings of other islands not too far off; Bob told us he saw one on his trip to the equator. I hear groups talking about wanting to build a real boat and explore. We’ll if that happens. For now, it’s just the Moac and us.
What else can I tell you? Right our currency. It’s called the $FDM, its buys stuff, like soil, water, wood, resin, coir, etc… it stands for Fundamentals Don’t Matter. Apparently, it got named as a satirical homage to those who came before us. Personally, I voted for Cocobux.
Oh, and we all vote on everything, like EVERYTHING! It’s got its positives and negatives, but you’ll see. So anywhoooo, welcome young Coconut, we’ll be letting people in shortly, just need to do a bit of building, tiding and what not.