Coconut Conclave (DAO)

The Coconut Conclave is a fancy name for the game's DAO. Voting on proposals will go through

To mitigate the power of any one whale to swing the vote in their direction we will deploy a new DAO model that takes into consideration variables outside of simple token possession.

Weighted Pool Voting

Weighted voting tokens (xFDM) are received when depositing $FDM to the bank for a selectable lock time tl , where tl < tmax, and tmax = 4 years. The voting weight for any player is likewise adjusted based on the number of assets (a) provided across liquidity marketplace and the number of participants in a liquidity pool, where average assets per player equals a/𝛴(lp). The voting weight then would equal: wCoeff = (a/(√xFDM))(tl/tmax)/𝛴(lp)

Specifically, the weight coefficient seeks to achieve an equitable distribution of voting power while compensating for the sum of assets deposited and the length of time the voting tokens are locked multiplied by the square root of those tokens.

What does the conclave do?

The Conclave is responsible for the games narrative, meaning the game's story. Players will be able to vote on all manner of thing, from whether to explore a neighboring island where there are rumors of a Banana tribe or to prepare for an alien invasion; or, should coconuts as a species focus on housing development or marine travel.

These choices define what the team builds next, and how the game develops.

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