NFTs 🖼️

There are two types of NFTs in game. Coconut NFTs (characters) and Item NFTs (everything else).

pNFTs (player NFTs)

Coconut NFTs - are henchmen, tralls, what have you, they do your bidding and augment the experience in FDM. A Coconut NFT that is happy in the mountains will increase production of STONE, those that are happy in the forest, will increase WOOD. Traits like personality, instinct, and knack will also play a role in the game.

iNFTs (item NFTs)

Item NFTs possess a wide manner of properties and come in different formats. Some examples of item NFTs are items, recipes, or equipment, houses, land, etc... In the early stage of the game we will also auction and airdrop Key NFTs.
These Key NFTs open special booty chests that contain surprises like FDM, Coconut NFTs, Recipes, Items or Resources. The older a Key NFT is, the rarer the goods it will be able to unlock. Keys will only become usable around the time the game implements research and crafting.