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Mission, Vision & The Planet

It's no big secret that the post apocalyptic setting is a tongue in cheek version of a world that this project is trying to avoid. While sentient coconuts could be hilarious, environmental change, food availability, climate change are the biggest issue facing us today. Our mission as a company is to make a fun, enjoyable Web3 game and support the environment in doing so. For the first 12 months post launch. We will give 5% of income to the Nature Conservancy ( and use the remaining 10% towards the purchase of land in Miami. This land will be used to establish an urban permaculture farm to teach residents how to turn their barren grassholes into sources of fresh produce, increase biodiversity, and remove pests with natural means.
For anyone who holds $FDM, or any of the NFTs, there will be free entry to the farm and discounts on goods, classes, and products.
As for our vision, we would love to see a world where this project creates chains of these permaculture gardens across the world, where capital from the game is allocated towards marine conservation and reforestation efforts, and where the carbon credits from those efforts are diverted towards clean up efforts. But that is a long ways away.