Tokens đŸĒ™


$FDM is the main currency on the Moac, and the expanded FDM universe. It's used for barter, trade, to invest in coconut workers, who mine STONE, lumber WOOD, and husk COIR, the underlying materials of the Moac. $FDM can be spent to buy resources in the market, or in later stages of the game spent on research, crafting, building, or wagered in the Arena. As the game develops we'll be creating more function for $FDM.

$FDM Distribution / Tokenomics

The hard cap for $FDM is 1,234,567,890 tokens


27,000,000 have been minted to foster the operations of $FDM, and their allocation is as follows:

  • 11,000,000 to fund future game development, these tokens will vest over time and be distributed monthly and as bonuses when milestones are met.

  • 5,000,000 for promotion, this includes airdrops, marketing, etc... these tokens also vest.

  • 5,000,000 for initial liquidity. Liquidity will be provided via a multisig safe. We will harvest fees monthly, with the DAO voting on where to allocate them. Initial liquidity will never be withdrawn or sold.

  • 2,000,000 for bounties, bugs, and community development fund.

  • 4,000,000 for compensation leading up to the launch of the game. Half will vest immediately, and the remainder vest over time.

Multi Sig

Each mint percentage will be allocated to either a vesting smart contract, i.e. compensation vesting contract, or be deposited into a multisig wallet. These wallets will be controlled by full time members of the project, and transactions will require 2/3 signatures to execute. This safeguards the tokens, protects from hacks that could target the treasuries, and eliminates any single point of failure. Additionally, this provides transparency, and removes any one wallet being able to make rogue moves.

Addresses for these funds will be added upon mint and allocation of tokens.

Death and Taxes, well, just Taxes

The Moac collects a variable tax on all transactions. Proceeds from the transaction tax are distributed as follows.

  • 15% Sent to support real world conservation efforts (marine, environmental protection, or reforestation) distributed monthly.

  • 25% Sent to game the development fund to pay for future game development

  • 10% Sent to the game bank to pay interest.

  • 25% Sent to the main pool that will be redistributed as game rewards.

  • 15% Sent to the marketing fund to pay for advertising, airdrops, etc...

  • 10% Sent to founders fund to pay for milestone bonuses for the team.


Rug tokens can be bought in the marketplace for $FDM, or swapped for Accredited Useless Garbage.

Accredited useless garbage are rugged NFT contracts approved by the FDM team, where each NFTs is trade-able for one $RUG token. The going exchange rate is 1 Rugged NFT = 1 $RUG.

Rug tokens will be instrumental in the games PVP.

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